RE: of stuff is a  series of acrylic paintings touching on my interests in the experimental process of constructing a narrative through hand- cut collaged works.  The works are created with pieces from a collection of found, curated imagery.   I begin my explorations from creating hand-cut collages; piecing together various images and finding new ways to arrange them.    I consider these preparatory collages, a sketchbook of sorts and revisit the ‘sketches’ in order to use them as a starting point for my final works. The materials I collect foster new explorations that allow the viewer to ponder the relationships of nature and humanity.   These transformations are created by what I have at hand, influenced by poems, music or childhood memories. My driving intent is to create narratives both familiar and benign. The images I create are often placed in strange or compromising situations that challenge the viewer to reexamine their perceptions of human behavior.